Welcome to the XEML Interactive Designer project page.

This is related project to the www.codeplex.com/XEML and is implemented on top of the XEML framework.
XiD is developed as an user-interface dedicated to the design of biological experiments as a first application exploiting XEML. XiD provides an interactive timeline visualisation, and enables the intuitive creation and editing of metadata that describes experiments.
A friendly ClickOnce installation can be found here: http://xeml.mpimp-golm.mpg.de/ClickOnce/XiD_RC1

In order to compile the project on your own machine you need a valid license of the Krypton Toolkit(c) which is used to build the GUI of XiD

The XiD SourceCode is not longer maintained here. Please check http://xeml.codeplex.com for discussion and bug report.

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